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Our clients are a diverse group and part of their satisfaction lies in the respect we guarantee for their privacy. So instead of reeling off a list of well-recognized names, we prefer to focus on the work we do for them and the expertise we bring to the table. In addition to our GraniteLock™ solution, GraniteKey has also developed solutions to help secure the follow types of devices and services:

• Authentication / VPN
• Identity Management
• Data security
• Anti-cloning
• Trusted Computing Platform
  security (TPM technology)
• Network / IT security
• Enterprise applications
• Smart Cards
• Homeland Security

• FIPS140-2, Common Criteria
  (CC) solutions
• PKI applications
• Health Care / HIPAA
• VoIP, Telecom
• Secure hardware components
• Product identification
• Credit Card / Point of Sale
• Banking and financial transactions
• Embedded solutions

• Network devices
• Shipping / logistics
• Digital Rights Management (DRM)
• IP Protection
• New licensing models
• Biometrics
• Government security
• RFID security and implementation
• Anti-tampering solutions

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