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GraniteKey works closely with customers to bring Solid Foundations into their process of planning risk management and security needs to ensure a seamless integration of technology, business processes and objectives.  Our customers and partners use GraniteViewTM  to assist in this process.  (For more information on GraniteView contact us: info@granitekey.com)

Our Security Technology Consulting services are designed to help you build the right security solution for your business, provide assistance with your implementation, and train for your technical or non-technical staff.

Use our GraniteLock product if your solution requires anti-cloning, IP protection, and licensing. GraniteLock™ also comes with security modules that can easily be integrated into your application. We work closely with technology partners to ensure the best solution is available to customers. We also participate in the development of best practices as well as industry standards to ensure excellence in the management and deployment of secure solutions.

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