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Management Team

Mark Schaeffer, CEO
Mike Ahmadi, COO, VP Services
Deanna Dames, VP Marketing
Barry Schaeffer, CFO and VP Finance

Mark Schaeffer, Principal & CEO
E-mail: mark.schaeffer@granitekey.com

Mark Schaeffer has over 20 years of product development, product marketing, financial analysis, and engineering experience in the security, semiconductors, Internet, telecommunications, enterprise software, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Mark has launched several products including the Cingular/AT&Tís Wirelesses' PCS/cellular service, an auditing system for Deloitte Touche, and several security and enterprise products with VC backed startup companies, several of which he co-founded.

An entrepreneur and business builder at heart, Mark success lies in his philosophy that that a good product solution must start with a deep understanding of business/customer requirements, business processes, and competing solutions, followed by program / product design and implementation. By getting involved at the earliest stages of a project, Mark not only helps businesses with successfully launching products, but also works with businesses to help ensure long-term business success. Mark has held senior positions at IBM, Deloitte Touche, Mercer Management Consulting, Cingular/AT&T, and several VC backed start up ventures. Additionally, he has presented numerous speaking engagements on topics including B2B marketing, security technologies, channel marketing, human behavior, and related fields.

Mark received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and also holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Mike Ahmadi, COO, VP Business Development and Services
E-mail: mike.ahmadi@GraniteKey.com

Mike Ahmadi has an extensive background in both Project Management and Information Systems. His management experience in both technology and non-technology related fields spans over 20 years. Recent achievements include a position as CIO of a major retail organization and CIO of a brokerage organization. He has also been named on a recent patent for a Business Intelligence application for both desktop and mobile users.

As a technologist, Mike has always believed that successful technologies are correctly measured by the net effect on business metrics and holds the philosophy that all projects require both clear cut objectives and a clearly defined execution strategy to ensure success. Mike co-founded the RFID Security Alliance, which serves to educate stakeholders about security issues surrounding RFID solutions.

Mike attended Case Western Reserve University and Las Positas College, and has completed Microsoft, as well as other technical certifications.

Deanna Dames, VP Marketing
E-mail: deanna.dames@granitekey.com

A seasoned, results-oriented senior marketing professional, Deanna has nearly 20 years experience in planning and executing large scale marketing programs, product launches and strategic market planning. Her technology background includes extensive knowledge of the wireless, internet telephony, PC/sever and smart card industries with a deep understanding of network infrastructure, standards and protocols, technology platforms, applications and end-user devices for these markets.

Since 2000, she has worked as a Marketing Consultant helping a broad range of technology, enterprise, and consumer product businesses to produce and manage marketing programs in all ranges of size and budget. During that time she consulted with Renesas Technology for more than four years leading key marketing activities for vertical market enterprise security solutions (smart card/MCU/MPU) for the wireless, multimedia, banking, and PC vertical markets and implemented and managed numerous developer programs for M2M (machine-to-machine), e-transaction and memory applications. Other technology clients have included Acclarent, SiRiFiC Wireless, Wherify Wireless, Handspring, Abbott Laboratories, ThinkLink, Qflicks and Nokia.

From 1995 to 2000, Deanna held Senior Management positions at SBC Wireless (currently Cingular/AT&T Wireless) where her team led the product development and market launch efforts for all wireless voice and data services and devices for North America markets. Additionally, during her time at SBC, she led the company-wide cross functional team responsible for launching the first U.S. GSM network, acted as the primary company liaison for the GSM global standards association where she led the smart card developer program and cross-carrier working teams, developed national wireless data marketing strategy to support multiple data technologies and established and managed a company-wide executive-level management decision-making forum to prioritize, fund and allocate company resources for all new product development efforts. Prior to joining at SBC, she worked with U.S. West Communications, leading regional marketing programs and managing their external sales events.

Deanna holds a BS from Scripps College and has completed MBA coursework at UC Berkeley.

Barry Schaeffer, CFO and VP Finance
E-mail: barry.schaeffer@granitekey.com

Barry has held senior management positions at Denso, a $20 billion OEM supplier to the automotive industry, 3Com Corporation, and Trimble Navigation. At Trimble, a GPS and laser/optical productivity solutions company, Barry ran the corporate financial planning group, working directly with the Trimble CFO on corporate financial models, financial forecasts and analyst guidance, and other strategic initiatives. Prior to this role, he spent 5 years as Trimbleís controller for global operations, overseeing manufacturing and distribution operations for 20 divisions across 10 countries.

Barry holds a BS Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

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