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GraniteKey’s Security Technology and Risk Management Consultants help you design and implement the security solutions best suited for your business or enterprise. We can also assist with training your technical and nontechnical staff.

GraniteKey's consulting and security design services are not limited to technological solutions.  In fact, many of our solutions requires no technology whatsoever

Security Design
We take the design approach from the Solid Foundations step and work with you to build a design.  This begins by creating a Threat Model using our GraniteView™ Threat Modeling tool, which clearly illustrates the path to a secure solution through the use of a hierarchal structure determined in a collaborative manner.  We then assist with implementation in the following areas:

• Security design (cryptographic technology,
licensing/identity management,
key management,
3rd party hardware, 3rd party software)
• Module design (breaking design in to modular
components, API's, commands)
• Auditing (how you're going to measure the
activity in the system to gauge the
effectiveness of the solution)
• Risk Assessment and Risk Mangement

Implementation Support
Implementations are typically done by customers, but GraniteKey can also provide support for customers as needed:

• Implementation of security modules
• Prototypes
• Test Programs
• Training/assistance for your engineers in secure
software development,
techniques, and development environments

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