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Solid Foundations is a process by which excellence is ensured from the beginning of a project. GraniteKey works closely with customers to bring Solid Foundations into their process of planning their security needs and designing their total solution that includes seamless integration of the technology, business and its processes.

We recommend that our customers first engage with us in our Solid Foundations™ process before designing their solution to ensure excellence from the very early stages of a project. We then follow-up with Security Technology Consulting to design and help implement the security solutions best suited for your business.

The Solid Foundations Process
We typically start with clearly defining or reviewing your

business objectives, and work our way through the process, ending in an understanding of the approach for the security design. Our philosophy is to make this is learning experience for you and your organization so that understanding security and how it can be integrated into your solution becomes integrated into your thinking and planning.

The Solid Foundations process is a very rigorous analysis of your needs and understanding how to deal with risks and threats, but it provides a solid base which will allow for your security design and implementation to be much more effective and efficient. We recommend that working closely with Granite Key, you go through all of the Solid Foundation steps If you have already completed a step, we recommend a review of the material.

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